The motorhome stop at Vadehavscamping was put into use March 2019 and contains 61 spacious pitches. The pitches has two different sizes at 10*5 m and 12*5m with a grass strip in between the pitches. All pitches are flat with gravel at the top. The Motorhome Stop is illuminated, and there is power on every pitch. Disposal of waste water and cassette toilets, supply of fresh water is also at your service.


The facilities at vadehavscamping, specially for motorhomes are modern and will meet every need you may have, as owner of a motorhome.


Vadehavscamping offers a dump station, disposal of water waste in wide grates and it is possible for fresh water supplies.


There is a power supply for every pitch. You only pay for your consumption and it is being read digitally and automatically when you leave the camp site.